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Waukesha Restaurant News & Notes

Redstone has closed.  I never did make it in there.  We tried going once and there was a 45 minute wait, which would lead you to believe that the restaurant was doing well.  I guess not.  They are kind of off the beaten path so I think its more of a challenge to get people in there (though the Rochester Deli manages to do well).  I don’t know what will go in there next but a small upscale sports bar (like Fanatics in Milwaukee) would be kind of a cool thing to have downtown. 

The short-lived Lumber Inn 2, which was in the former Hardees/Lucky’s space on Sunset Drive, has closed and been replaced with a new restaurant called “The Spot.”  Sounds like someplace the Saved By The Bell gang would have hung out at.  Local blogger and EatWaukesha contributor, Mitch Jurisch, tried their Muffaletta Panini and raves about it. He said he’ll be reviewing the place for EatWaukesha soon.   I can’t wait to get over there and try one for myself.

With the smoking ban in place I am kind of excited to visit some places that I have avoided because of the smoke.  Number one on the list is Fuzzy’s on Main.  The smoke was never so bad for breakfast but if you wanted one of their awesome burgers for lunch of dinner you practically needed an oxygen mask.  Showering after eating at Fuzzy’s will no longer be required either.   I enjoyed an ice cold High Life over at the Golden Gate Chinese restaurant bar while waiting for take-out last week. This is another place that used to get really smokey.  For those who have never been in the bar at Golden Gate, you should check it out.  Golden Gate used to be a Supper Club and while the menu has changed to Chinese, the bar still feels like one you’d find at a Supper Club.  Its filled with regulars from the surrounding neighborhood who are watching sports, chatting, and enjoying cocktails, beer, or one of their signature Tropical Drinks.



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Andrea’s Red Rooster-Perfect Warm Weather Lunch Spot

Andrea's Red RoosterI know y’all were talking about burgers last week, but I have one to add to the list. If you find yourself looking for a sandwich and a great patio, look no further than Andrea’s Red Rooster located on the corner of Watertown Rd. and Springdale Rd.

I’ve been going to this place since it was in the middle of nowhere and was called something like “Kutchenrueters”. The onion strings recipe hasn’t changed in 20 years. A little greasy, but perfectly salty; no dipping sauce needed. I wouldn’t say this is the best burger in town, but it hits the spot, especially when sitting in the sun in the middle of a workday. Their menu is full of other hot sandwiches and traditional bar food. My normal dining companion always orders the French Dip. Big fan of the “au jus”.

When I went as a kid, my mom would always order a Bloody Mary which came with a million garnishes and spices. (Just like making the perfect cup of coffee, she taught me how to measure just the right amount of Worcestershire, Tabasco, and celery salt. Ah, I was the Sally Draper of my day.) Since I’m usually here at noon on Tuesday, I haven’t tried anything off of their alcoholic menu. Can anyone confirm if their bloodies are still this involved? Their beer menu is pretty extensive, but with all the usual suspects.


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You’ll notice that I am slowly adding links to the blogroll including Waukesha blogs, bars, restaurants, and stores.  Its gonna take some time to get all of you listed so be patient. Also feel free to contact us if you don’t see your website listed.

Also I hope to start adding more detail to the “bars” and “restaurant” tabs.  I want to list restaurants and bars with info about location, hours, and a general description of the business.  I am working on a specific format then I’ll ask the businesses to fill it in with their information.


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Food Fun & Life recaps a week of Waukesha dining.

Sara over at the awesome blog “Food, Fun and Life in Waukesharecaps a week of  eating in Waukesha with mini-reviews of Spirzzo, M2 (Magellan’s), Generations, and El Ranchito. 

Her blog is a great chronicle of her enjoyment of all things Waukesha.  Maybe we can coax her into posting here too.

Speaking of Waukesha Bloggers, the somewhat strange, yet always interesting, Sewer Racoon News also paid a visit to the Farmers’ Market last weekend.

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Waukesha Farmers’ Market to Open Tomorrow (May 8)

The Waukesha Farmers’ Market kicks off its 2010 season tomorrow with its annual Community Day.  The market runs from 7:00Am to Noon and the Community Day events begin at 9:00AM.  More details can be found at

It will probably be crappy and cold out, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying one of the true signs that spring has arrived, the Waukesha Farmers’ market. 

This will mark the 6th season I have been attending the market and every year is better than the previous one.  Last year more vendors were added bringing all kinds of great food to the market including some killer heirloom tomatoes and awesome Hmong spring rolls. 

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Welcome to EatWauksha

My goal for this site is to have a place to aggregate all of the stories, blog posts, reviews, openings, and anything else regarding bars, restaurants, or anything else food-related in Waukesha.  It will feature my own articles as well as links to others.

I am hoping to add contributors (if interested send an e-mail to and also hoping to secure permission from other local bloggers to embed their posts here too.

More details will be forthcoming as will a better site layout.

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