Santiago’s Grilled Chicken

I noticed this place (still under construction inside) on the way home from Panos the other night.  It’s in the strip mall at the southwest corner of East Avenue and Sunset.  Anybody have any information on what it’s all about? When they are opening? What will they be serving?

Seems like Sunset is starting to attract some more (and interesting) restaurants.  From the stellar Pat’s Rib Place to the LaEstrella Bakery (also in the mall pictured above), Sunset is becoming a destination for Waukesha food lovers.



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7 responses to “Santiago’s Grilled Chicken

  1. I am very excited about this new restaurant as well. Haven’t found any opening date or information, just that they put in a request for signage back in May.

    Being that it is called “grilled” chicken and not fried, this could be another great food spot for Foodie’s like me to enjoy and not expand the waist line too much. I haven’t tried Pat’s or La Estrella yet but hope to soon, just been so darn busy lately, I have dealt with PB&J and Mac N Cheese – yep definitely not the cuisine of a foodie I know.

    Keep us updated and hopefully we can both review the food there!

  2. koolfool

    Don’t give out our secret Donuts supplier for Donuts Saturday! 🙂

    🙂 Make sure you try the Chocolate flan from La Estrella.

  3. koolfool

    Any report yet? I saw a Cash Only sign at the door. I will make a point to check them out!

  4. koolfool

    I went there for lunch today. 1/4 chicken platter is $6.99. I did not have enough chicken but they did taste good. The bean is very good, and beware of the roasted jalapeno, it is super spicy hot!

  5. PamM

    This place is great! Limited menu (only grilled chicken and some carne asada items) but the things they do, they do really well! The carne asada burritos are the best I’ve had, and the grilled chicken is excellent. It’s not fancy, but it’s clean, and the owner is so nice. Service is friendly and fast.

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