Waukesha One Bite at a Time: Carnitas from Panos

One of my favorite things about Panos two Waukesha grocery stores is their deli counter where you can get all kinds of things from Tacos and Sopes to Pozole and Menudo.  Some days you get lucky and you can get deep-fried chicharon (pork rinds) with the belly meat still attached.  One bite and you’ll never go back to the crappy snack bad rinds. 

However, one of my favorite things to get is their carnitas.  They sell the succulent braised pork in large chunks by the pound (or if you want they’ll make you some tacos or gorditas stuffed with it).  While it lacks the crispness you associate with carnitas, they make up in flavor.  Heck, you could probably crisp them up under a broiler if you wanted to but they are great just as they are.  Just pick up as much as you need along with some cilantro, onions, and soft corn tortillas and you have a quick Mexican meal that is sure to satisfy.  If pork’s not y0ur thing, the shredded beef is equally impressive.

Looking across the street from the Sunset Drive Panos parking lot at the Taco Bell with a line of cars queued up at the drive through, I cannot help but be kind of bummed that so many people don’t realize that just across the street is something far more authentic and flavorful. 


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